Troy Van Sickle – Building a Successful Career in Consulting

Troy Van Sickle knows that it takes a great deal of time, preparation, and expertise to launch a consulting firm. With a passion for helping aspiring consultants break into their respective fields, he says that professionals who hone the following skills will be that much more prepared to get their businesses off the ground.

  • Consultants must be able to understand the multiple moving parts of a business and recognize how they all create harmony together to form a larger goal. They must be “big picture” thinkers who can work with multiple viewpoints to help an organization ultimately find a voice and purpose.
  • Emotional intelligence and excellent interpersonal skills will enable consultants in all fields to be able to communicate with a variety of professionals at all different levels in order to assess priorities and identify common goals. This can get murky when you’re managing large groups of people with very different ideas of success, and consultants must be able to unify all of these ideas.
  • Consultants must be able to process a lot of information quickly and concisely to help organizations move forward in a successful manner. You will most likely have a plethora of data coming at you from all different directions, and being able to prioritize and organize accordingly is necessary.

Troy Van Sickle launched a consulting group to provide expert opinions in the trucking and real estate industries. He lives in Palm Springs, California, and he enjoys taking full advantage of the benefits his beautiful state has to offer.


Troy Van Sickle – Three Methods to Build Lasting Client Relationships

Troy Van Sickle, a business owner based in Palm Springs, California, has been celebrated for his dedication to client relationships and success. He takes owning a business very seriously and strives to ensure that all customers are able to achieve their goals through his services in the real estate and trucking industries. As a seasoned entrepreneur and businessman, he says that there are a number of ways to ensure that customers continue to feel welcome and respected, such as the following:

  • Above all, clients want to feel valued by receiving individualized attention. Customers want to know that you have put in the time and effort to understand their needs on a deeper level rather than receiving the exact same treatment that you might provide to another client.
  • Learn how to read body language. When you are aware of what a client is feeling, especially during difficult and stressful moments, you need to be able to respond quickly and appropriately. Knowing how to diffuse a potentially tense situation before it even happens helps keep your clients calm and focused.
  • Honesty is paramount. No matter the situation or circumstances, clients will know it’s worth it to form lasting and trusting relationships with you because you have their best interests at heart.

    Troy Van Sickle dedicated to helping new business owners find their footing to build a successful client base. He launched the Van Sickle Group to bring the highest quality real estate and trucking consulting services to Southern California clients and beyond.

Troy Van Sickle – Quick Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations often times need to come up with quick fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling on a longer campaign, or get through a mid-campaign hump. They have to be engaging enough to get people like Troy Van Sickle involved with the event quickly. Here is a list of fun and engaging fundraising ideas that will get people involved and having fun.

  • Hold a friendly culinary competition where contestants create their best dish and sell tickets for participants to enjoy the fare and cast their votes.
  • Have a community-wide garage sale. Collect gently worn items and host a weekend sale or auction. Place pictures of the items on social media beforehand to help generate some buzz.
  • Organize a scavenger hunt. Charge a registration fee and provide extra clues and tips for donations.
  • Even the smallest donation helps non-profits, so ask fundraisers to give up a daily habit and donate the money saved to your cause. This can be done for a day or longer if needed.
  • Host a trivia night and charge an entrance fee for participants and attendees.
  • Host a battle of the bands event. Get local bands to help put on a charity concert. Get more people interested in the event by putting local celebrities on the judging panel.
  • Host a dance marathon. Charge an entry fee and allow participants to request a song for a nominal fee. Have a small prize up for grabs for the last one standing.

Raising money for your non-profit doesn’t have to cost you a lot of time or money. Simply use your creativity to come up with a fun event that appeals to large groups of people. Troy Van Sickle is committed to helping his favorite charities raise money and loves to participate in the fundraising events whenever he has the opportunity.

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