Troy Van Sickle: Former Trucker on What It Takes to Take to the Road

Troy Van Sickle learned the rules of road as a young man when he worked as a truck driver. He made many long hauls, driving from Southern California to the Midwest and back to make a living. Truck drivers are unsung heroes in the United States economy. Driving goods long distances makes products available in all markets instead of only the places they are local to. Van Sickle is now a real estate expert and development consultant in Palm Springs, California, but he still sometimes loves to go on long drives to feel the open road again. It took much mental fortitude and concentration to do his job safely and efficiently.

Many people think they, or anyone, can be truck drivers. They think that because they drive every day to work that they can make a long haul to the Midwest any day of the week. But the truth is that truck drivers have to spend hours paying attention to the road and to the weigh-in stations along the way to do their jobs. Truck drivers have many requirements to pay attention to in order to get paid and ensure that the recipients of their freight get everything they paid for. They have to pass inspections, drug tests, background checks, and more to get these jobs. Troy Van Sickle and others make the economy what it is today.

Troy Van Sickle wanted to make a change after a scary incident that almost resulted in his truck falling on its side during a run and went into business and eventually real estate investment consulting.

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