Troy Van Sickle: Why Giving Back to Charities Helps Business

Troy Van Sickle was an outsider to the business community of Palm Springs when he founded his real estate consulting firm. This business eventually became a general consulting firm, branching out into marketing, supply chain, and business investment. Van Sickle used the tools he earned through his business courses he took to create opportunities for himself and his family.

Over time, as his successes mounted, Troy Van Sickle started to turn some of his business revenue over to several local charitable organizations in his community in Palm Springs. He found that not only was his community and his customer base enriched by his activities and donations, the reputation of his business was also enhanced as well.

A positive corporate image is important to any business. This is why some corporations form Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to encourage employees to pitch in to their communities, and donate proceeds themselves.

Troy Van Sickle saw immediately the benefits of his pledge to his community to pitch in and help where he could. That’s why he continues to support several charitable organizations in the area, including his local Boys and Girls Club, and the local library system. Van Sickle is looking into options for new public infrastructure with property developers as well in the near future


Troy Van Sickle: A Love of Driving

Troy Van Sickle has always been interested in cars and driving. From as early in his life as he could remember, he has been in front of a wheel in one form or another. Van Sickle was a semi-professional car racer in his younger days before he took a job as a truck driver. After fifteen years driving long distances to deliver much-needed products across the United States, Van Sickle decided to hang up his driving gloves and start a business of his own. He learned the ropes of how to build wealth and develop property and became a consultant for business owners and real estate investors in Southern California, especially near his home in Palm Springs. But Van Sickle never forgot his love of driving.

For Troy Van Sickle, driving is about a relationship with the vehicle and the road. “I go out on my own to drive sometimes, just to hear the hum of the road underneath me.” Van Sickle used his love of driving to thrive as a truck driver for fifteen years. Even though truck driving is more of a marathon than a sprint like his days of racing cars, Van Sickle still loved the feel and the sound of the road running on below him.

Troy Van Sickle has long loved the feel of the open road before him because he feels free. Although he doesn’t drive like he used to, he likes to take his family on drives into the countryside whenever possible

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