Troy Van Sickle – Enjoying California to Its Fullest

When Troy Van Sickle is able to briefly step away from his consulting firm, he can often be found outside enjoying the California nature. As a native of the state, he knows that his home is special in all of the benefits that it has to offer, from outdoor activities stretching all the way to top-quality wine tastings. Troy Van Sickle recommends that both residents and visitors consider the following activities to enjoy this great state to its fullest.

  • Adventure to a variety of national parks all over the state. There is a great difference in climate between Northern and Southern California, and you will see some of those differences manifest along the coastline. Northern California is much greener and wet while Southern California boasts warmer weather and fantastic swimming beaches. The Redwood National Park is a must, where you will see some of the tallest and oldest trees in the country.
  • Of course, Disneyland is a great activity for the whole family, from young children all the way up to adults. With a variety of rides catering to all ages, this famous amusement park has something for everyone.
  • Head over to wine country to taste some of the finest wines produced in the United States. There are many excellent vineyards across Central and Northern California that boast a variety of types for every budget and taste.

Toy Van Sickle enjoys seeking out new adventures in his state with his five children. He owns the Van Sickle Group in Palm Springs.


Troy Van Sickle – Building a Successful Career in Consulting

Troy Van Sickle knows that it takes a great deal of time, preparation, and expertise to launch a consulting firm. With a passion for helping aspiring consultants break into their respective fields, he says that professionals who hone the following skills will be that much more prepared to get their businesses off the ground.

  • Consultants must be able to understand the multiple moving parts of a business and recognize how they all create harmony together to form a larger goal. They must be “big picture” thinkers who can work with multiple viewpoints to help an organization ultimately find a voice and purpose.
  • Emotional intelligence and excellent interpersonal skills will enable consultants in all fields to be able to communicate with a variety of professionals at all different levels in order to assess priorities and identify common goals. This can get murky when you’re managing large groups of people with very different ideas of success, and consultants must be able to unify all of these ideas.
  • Consultants must be able to process a lot of information quickly and concisely to help organizations move forward in a successful manner. You will most likely have a plethora of data coming at you from all different directions, and being able to prioritize and organize accordingly is necessary.

Troy Van Sickle launched a consulting group to provide expert opinions in the trucking and real estate industries. He lives in Palm Springs, California, and he enjoys taking full advantage of the benefits his beautiful state has to offer.